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But owning/riding a boring bike can kind of be like dating a fat chick. She will go out of her way to be sure and never let you down and will do things with/to you that no supermodel ever would. So a guy needs both the way I see it. Both motorcycles and women, but multiple motorcycles are much easier to get along with.
I have both ends of the spectrum in motorcycles. I have a DL 1K for purely utilitarian duty, its sole purpose is to get from here to where ever without incident. Some call it boring, I havent reached that opinion yet but I understand what boring is. After putting 250K on connie C10 I was tired of that bike and found going places on it wasnt fun.
At the other end of the spectrum is my brutale 910R. Its a `06 and I never ride without thinking ...damn what a ride. But Im quite sure I`ll never put 250K on it either.
So to me all motorcycles serve a need for someone, they just are not for everybody.

And I do have 2 girlfriends. and they are as different as my strom and brutale.
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