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03-06 KTM RFS 450-525 Plated~$3000

Saturday night special (Monster, Aprilia, Airhead etc) $5000

03-06 KTM 950 ~well, you've got $7000 left to spend...

Don't forget to budget for decent gear. This includes a nice pair of dirt boots, pants, helmet, jacket, gloves. If you ride a lot of dirt you're probably going to have an entire suit for dirt with a dedicated helmet, goggles, impact suit, knee pads etc.

Of course I have none of those bikes now, but at one point I had all of them. Only one I really regret selling was the KTM 950 GO!!!. The Monster 900 was also a blast, especially if you like V Twins and for that matter the 950 with pipes sounds pretty sweet too.

Reality is I would NOT recommend you go out and spend that kind of coin. I would keep the Harley because you like it. I would go buy a plated thumper and start doing some rides with your buddies in the dirt. You'll really learn a lot about bike control, braking etc in that first year to where you'll be more confident on a big bike in the dirt. I went the opposite, bought a big bike and took it to the dirt. Now I only ride dirt on my dirt bike other than dirt roads. More fun that way and the little thumper is much easier to pick up and shit doesn't break.
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