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Originally Posted by nachtflug View Post
it was the best I could think of. maybe not totally on the mark but I think it works. Dungey may win a race here and there but like Nicklaus he won't (or hasn't) spanked everyone on a regular basis. injuries to other riders have been his friend. If that is his approach to be content when running in 3rd or even 4th (and I think it is) while it has won him some titles (not sure about his lites career) in my opinion it's more of a Nascar approach.

I am %100 convinced there are times when he could go faster and doesn't. If he was playing poker and had a locked hand he'd never raise. If he was playing poker and knew he didn't have the winner but his cards showed he had a potential winner, he wouldn't raise. He's dry, vanilla, bland, etc. too often. I still like him a lot, I just think he doesn't beat the top guys of his day enough and given his collection of championships something just doesn't add up when you do the math. I'm not knocking him I like him a lot. I just wish he'd run the stronger octane gas because that can is in his megahauler, he just won't use it.
I really, really want to disagree with this.

But sadly I think it is fairly close to true. I'm hoping he will break out this season.
I was really mad when Stewart crashed out last summer, I think Dungey was closing the gap every race and was on the verge of beating him outright. But James being James it didn't happen.

SX and MX are two different things so Dungey has to start all over Saturday.

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