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I had an Escape but sold it to buy a BMW R1200R it was a great little vehicle but with the six banger the fuel consumption was 22ish mpg. I found that stupid. Why drive a dink car that gets that kind of mileage when my Silverado full size up gets 17?

After I delt the Escape I inherited the wife's '93 Civic that she bought new and I drove it until this March when I sold it with 360k mi. Reliable as a bag of hammers but very domestic.

I replaced it with a '09 Scion XB toastermobile. Again pretty domestic and has so far been reliable and gets 28-30 mpg. It is not super luxurious but it is very serviceable, it just works. I was never a big Toyota fan then Mrs. easy bought a Prius on '07 I was wrong, I freely admit it. Good car but not for everyone. She's put 160k mi on it and we have had zero issues with it.

I don't know that I would call any of the above "best" ( I might call thenRR best but I'm biased) but they have treated us well. Just a couple thoughts for ya
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