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There's only two people who think that BMW's are expensive to run. Dealerships, and new or clueless folks. When I first got my GSA, I thought it was going to be a lot more difficult and expensive to keep up to date than my Versys (I didn't care, I didn't need to be convinced that it was the right bike for me). The opposite is true, the GSA have been even easier to deal with than the Versys, especially with it's center stand.

Seriously. Every 12,000 miles or so past break in, swap out a gallon of you favorite correct weight and API rated engine oil made in the last 20 years, put in 180ml (or whatever it is now) of the correct GL rated gear oil in the final drive, pull the valve covers and stick some feeling gauges in as per JVBs instructions. (if they are out of spec [hint:they probably wont be], take it to the stealership) If you've been in dust, check the air filter, you don't even have to remove the entire top half of the motorcycle to do that, like a Versys.

It's not difficult. There are other things you might want to check, just like any other bike: perhaps inspect fuel lines, wheel torque specifications, whatever. But overall, aside from occasionally making sure my bike isn't eating oil, there are generally no maintenance concerns I have with the GSA.
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