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Originally Posted by TheMuffinMan View Post
Honda Fit. It'll seat 4 adults comfortably, and at least in the USA is close to budget. The engine's a bit lacking but if you get the sport package with paddle shifters you can rev it out for some fun. The layout of the cockpit is amazing, lots of practical nooks to put stuff.

this, except I'd get the manual transmission (which I have), its a capable and pretty fun car with more interior room than you would expect and a reasonable peppy engine for what it is. I think we paid under 15k for a new one. The sport package just gets you body work pieces and different wheels, not really any "sport"

to make this car fun to drive you need to drive it like a momentum car, not a power car, if that makes any sense, the cliff's notes version of that without getting into a long discussion is don't use the brakes much and maximize corner entry speed - leads to a lot of
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