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Back on the road

We were all glad to be moving again, Walter rested, the guys chilled and thrilled after the Altai but keen to move on and me just glad the wheels were turning. The weather started to cool off as we got to the border and as we waited under the wriggly tin (corrugated iron)shed for the Mongolian border guards to come back from lunch it started to rain with a vengeance.

Eventually they pitched up and the rest of us got through customs except for Walter. Whilst he was doing battle with the Forces of Darkness (Government anywhere) Terry and I were instructed to go into a little stone hut where an official was there to sell us the mandatory "insurance" necessary for travel in Mong. I dunno how much good it would be in the event of a prang, but at least we'd have something to flash to an official if stopped and for the cost (about 12 quid as I remember-20 bucks) it was a potential ace in the hole should it be needed.
Whilst we were in there filling in the paperwork this sweet little girl kept looking in and as we waved through the window she'd laugh like any kid anywhere and duck down again. I think her parents lived on the border station as there were a couple of houses there. When we came out she approached us with her furry pal and we snapped this pic

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