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The change in terrain and more importantly road surface was immediate-as soon as we crossed the border the asphalt disappeared and the dirt started -with corrugations from all the trucks but we soon turned off onto "proper" dirt and could open the taps on the bikes. The dirt was that perfect kind with just enough give to soften the ride but give you confidence and we flew along. At one point we passed a couple of gers with the attendant livestock (funny, you can always smell the sheep or cattle before you see them) and scrofulous dogs.
As Walter passed the first dog gave chase but it was a long way back...another joined, and then another and they were on a path to intercept with us. I gave the old girl some beans and flew past just ahead of the lead mutt and I'm not sure how the other guys went on but assume there were no collisions. I've never hit a dog thank God-it would really ruin my holiday and wouldn't make the dog's day either I suppose although there have been a few snapping-at-the-heels close calls.
The roads are sort of multitrack one track falls out of favour or weather-friendliness another parallel track is adopted so one has multiple choices and it's a hoot for overtaking and just general hooning like we mature folk do.

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