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There are a lot of things I can get grumpy about owning a GS but the overall cost to run and maintain the thing are not the ones that get me.

The things that I really don't like:
- dealership fancy pamby latte car lots with nimrod psuedo bike guys running the shop
- higher cost of parts
- stupid high costs of shop tech

The rest about owning the GS have been pretty good really - despite my complaint sometimes here.

I have a 2006 GSAdv - with 110,000kms on it. I have gone through a full FD rebuild (minus big bearing) then a big bearing this summer. One rear disk - many sets of pads but not abnormally so - and one counter balance seal (known fixed problem) One center stand bolt. And, the bike really is infinitely easier to adjust the valves myself and do most all maintenance in my garage.

The rest of my $$ pain has been spent getting farkles that I didn't have to buy.

If I add up all the extra $$ above I have only added $2,000 maintenance, all in for a bike I have owned for 6 years and ride a lot. Thats only $27 per month. Now that doesn't include oil and such that any other person would spend on any other bike. I suspect that one would spend $2000 or more on clutch parts or chains and sprockets in that time.

...oh I did have to get a new set of grips as the oem ones wore out - that cost me $18.00

And, the bike has never ever let me down while on the road - never didn't start in all the rain and riding and deserts and dropping it... ever. Never been stranded.

As for riding - and I think the consensus here and the sales figures around the world attest - the bike really does ride like no other - not that others don't ride well - but the suspension combined with the dynamics of the engine and layout/center of gravity provide a ride that is really very hard to beat for riding fast twisties or gnarly off road - it cannot be beat for all around riding.


As your attorney, I advise you to buy a motorcycle. How else can we cover a thing like this righteously?
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