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Originally Posted by larryboy View Post
Oh wait, now there are three of us.

I have been stranded ONE time in 32 years of riding by a bike that couldn't move under it's own power.

The bike that did it to me? 2001 1150GS

The OP asked a good question and a BMW is a terrible bike for a guy concerned about ownership costs, under warranty they might be great, but when it's on your dime they are extremely expensive to own.

As I was sitting on a snow bank in the dark at 7,000 feet awaiting rescue I asked myself what the fuck I had done to myself by buying this thing. Yeah, it's fun to ride and luckily I wrench for a living and repairs don't scare me, but come on...52,000 miles and the input shaft splines stripped and the big bearing in the final drive is junk? If I had to pay out of pocket for parts and repairs at a dealer I would have junked the whole bike. Luckily I can do it myself and saved what...$4,000 in repair costs?

I would run from any thought of owning another used BMW, it's a pile of junk, but it's fun to ride and I can fix it myself, so I still have it.
LB, it's a shameful how you're trying to drive down the cost of you "future" replacement parts.

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