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That's awesome...

A new battery just like that is my next purchase... Something that the bike should have shipped with in the first place....
Wouldn't mind if BMW charged 500$ more for the bike in exchange for a few upgraded items right from the get-go.

Is that a similar battery to the Shorai?

Originally Posted by reenmachine View Post
All loaded up the morning after Christmas for a 4-day trip into Death Valley and once again, no start. The OEM battery weakened quickly so I went on a rampage around LA desperately trying to find an AGM battery so I could carry on with my trip. After finding several AGM batteries that were "close, but no cigar" (e.g. terminals reversed) I bought an 8-cell Ballistic EVO2 LiFe unit for $160 at a local shop:

It is awesome. Massive weight savings. Cranks like mad. 275 CCA vs. 120 from the OEM. A fraction of the size and 1.7lb.

I used the foam from the box to fit the battery to the compartment, which, even though it was kind of a rush job, came out fine and I'll probably leave it that way for a while. It's got thick padding on 5 sides, so it's incredibly well isolated from vibration and shock.

Left for my trip only about 5 hours late. Saw all kinds of conditions and the battery performed flawlessly, starting the bike quickly and confidently every time. Hot starts, cold starts (25F), after refueling, etc.

Between this and getting the decompression fix my faith in the bike will be restored.

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