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I'm not really convinced vintage motorcycles are going to be a big part of the mexican 1000 going forward. New bikes are just too cheap. You could buy a top of the line ktm and put all the top of the line kit on it for $15k. When it costs $5k+ to run the race on a shoestring, thats pretty affordable.

Cars I can see being really different. A new car is huuuge money and then when you're done with it there is nothing you can do except wait for next year. At least with our bikes we keep riding in all sorts of events.

I saw you aren't keeping receipts on your subaru, but I'm sure that things is going to be money squared compared to your 350. I bet running the race is squared too. Looks fun though! I'd be petrified of driving too hard and breaking it on day one.

The main appeal of the mexican 1000 for me is that I can do it. And with very limited support. There is just no way to participate in the baja 1000 with as little off-road experience as I had on the budget I had.

Going forward am I interested in checking out v2r, the baja 500, etc? You bet. I hope to stay healthy enough to give it a try this year.

I don't think playing with the rules slightly is anything like your oregon analogy, but if this race gets significantly more popular, I think you should be prepared for it to go that way. You saw how different the car crowd was from the bike crowd. If you add all the fu money guys with their copters and huge support rigs, etc, etc, it's going to get out of reach for everyone.

If this is going to maintain it's fun feeling and continue to be a "club" event (vs a "pro" event), the rules need to be written to make sure a privateer can do it on a budget. Ban all the extra support that is unnecessary. Enforce the ban on on-course pitting. Ban pre-running, etc, etc. There is no taking money and politics out of racing, even amateur racing, but you can do a good job to minimize it and give everyone a chance.

The starting order, time cards, number of classes, etc, none of that has to do with how much money and support it costs to run the event and I don't see any of that changing the positive feelings.

I club road raced motorcycles for almost 10 years and ran a number of different pro events along the way and the feeling is night and day. Club racing is some of the most fun I've ever had with many great people. I cannot say that about the pro racing. It's a totally different scene. When I was still an amateur, I had an Aprilia RS250. One of the top guys at Loudon was Jeff Wood. I literally took his school and he was showing me how to go faster and was always quite accommodating and friendly. My first pro event (and it's a stretch to call it pro. it was small time) was at Pocono in the Aprilia Cup Series. I had never been to another track at that point and I was in no danger of beating anyone near the front of the grid. One lap Jeff Wood passed me just before the front straight and I tucked in behind him, hoping to go to learn how to go around the race track. Two corners into the lap, he saw I was following him and sat up and slowed down until I passed him!

I was sooooo much slower than him and I was not any danger what so every, but it was a serious race with money on the line and he wasn't fooling around anymore.

I even have a picture of it!

This is right after Jeff let me by.

Anyhow, the point being is that I understand exactly what you mean about maintaining the feel of the event, but the real thing NORRA needs to do to is build the rules so a privateer on a limited budget can compete with the big guys. The rest will take care of itself.
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