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What is most amazing is that most of you fail to look at it from an organizers point of view. If what you're all saying really was better for the event, don't you think they would be doing it already? Having seen the Competitor side and the Organizer side, I can tell you it's a totally different focus.

The vintage class will stay, it's part of the history of the event and really does dovetail with the "Fun" factor and separating the MX1K from the SCORE events.
The different classes allow the average rider to be competitive and have a shot at some glory. The amateur racers with the attitude of a pro racer want fewer classes and the real pro racers don't seem to care(Overall or nothing). The organizers job is to try and make the most people happy, which means appealing to the masses and keeping the event funded. Of course, sometimes they need to shoot in the dark a little and try new things.

For me, I'm just going down to have a vacation and ride my bike a little
Just say'IN
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