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Just to continue stirring the pot.

Vintage racing is was this race was all about. How could Mr. Perlman put on a race for vintage vehicles to run in and have a shit load of fun? The easiest was was to do it as a rally. Lots of long paved non-timed sections, no course marking, and no pre-running. The problem was that there just wasn't enough race ready vintage cars & bikes out there to make it economically feasible. Additional classes were opened up to attract more entries. Some weirdo fuel fuel class, a class for big "Adventure" bikes and a class for "modern day" race cars and pre-runners. First year was ton's of fun and lots of great old cars and vet drivers and riders but still not enough to really make it worth while for the promoters. Next 2 years continue to open it up more for additional non-vintage stuff and Dust to Gloryites, still trying to make a buck. There continues to be "Country Clubber" car guys who are spending money to restore old cars and there are also more of them running their pre-runners. Rubby shows up with his full blown state of the art Dakar race car and he shares the driving with his dad and Clyde Stacy. The further they get away from vintage classes and closer to a rally the faster and more serious this race will become.

This year, I'm personally involved with 3 cars that haven't run this event before. One is the classic Scoop Vessels BFG Blazer with a multiple Baja 1000 winner (both bikes and cars) as a driver, one is a 4 -seater buggy with another multiple Baja 1000 winner driving his wife, best friend and his wife, and the other is a former 2 time Baja winning full blown Trophy Truck with a driver who simply wants more seat time. Additionally, the classic Bob Gordon entry will once again be raced as hard as it was when it won the 1000 in 98 and the last 3 years in NORRA. The same with the Blazer and the Trophy Truck. Tim & Troy Herbst will be racing both of their Mike Smith built pre-runners and I know that they will be at about a 70 to 80% pace of a Trophy Truck. Its not going to get any more relaxed out there on the course that's for sure.
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