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Originally Posted by my6 View Post
Been out of touch dealing wth AT&T and Direct TV. Hello Comcast! I have been informed by "She Who Must Be Obeyed" that I can not go out and play until the Holidays are done and gone. Next weekend hopefully... Fritz..Tuesday Night if the weather agrees?
My6, WTF? you are giving away our supeer secret special handshake keepers of all we know dinner meeting.
Not this Tue. but next week for sure.

So your CFO of cash and the OTHER most valued commodity has sent you a memo? This is a good time to bring up the need for rules here on this Fourm.
1- Are we to include Innerloopers?
2- Are to include PW'ed ADV riders?
3- Should GPS be allowed. isn't more fun to get lost?

My6, I just cann't understand your submissive behavior. I mean it's not like the weather is condusive to riding or anything!!!!

Coded, encripted link:
Everybody is welcome! See Craigs World Guzzi Night.
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