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Hi, new here.

Just bought a BV 350 (dec 14). Love it, so far.

Previous bikes/All new at the time
GM 50cc (chinese) (last year, was traded in)
2003 Derbi Boulevard 150
1981 Susuki 450S
1980 Honda 250

I think the mini review earlier in thread was pretty spot on. I've got just over 250km so far.

Just a note, I'm in the states (Florida) but I think the bike doesn't have an option to convert to miles -- it has the handy mode button, and I converted the temp from C to F, but I think the mileage may be internally set. Not absolutely sure on this yet. I'm betting the dealership won't know until they look it up.

I compared the stats to my old 1981 DOHC 450 (long gone) in hp, and it produces 5hp more than that did (i believe that was a sub 14 sec qrt.miler but standard shift). I'm still resisting pushing the break-in period, so haven't really pushed the scooter much so far. Also, not taken it out on I-75 here, though it feels like it will have enough to spare at the 70mph limit. That was also one of the reasons I ended up skipping over smaller scoot options like a 150. Which would be nicely cheaper but just too much of a strain on the engine, and also a snail at highway speeds.

I read about the color turning pink in the sun. Rats. Well, there's plenty of sun here, so I guess I may find out.

I really ride it too much (daily) to keep a cover over it (lazy?), and have no garage.

I'm no expert on 2 wheel rides, but it's hard to imagine that anyone would really be dissapointed with this bike. My thought so far, is no one will suspect how much fun it is to ride. (good for thieves not to know yet) It's kind of subdued IMO. But it's an excellent size as a trade off between power and agility giving much of both.

If you've got a girlfriend/wife she'd probably find she loves the size of this bike and riding it too. And yeah, if you're male there's not a real reason to object, unless you've got some extremes in mind that you would get with more power or size and comfort. I think maybe if you were under 5', maybe the bike would seem too tall. But if your legs aren't too short, it is probably all right. I was on a 250 that was lower than this at the DL course earler in December. Had to requalify for MC license after years expired.

I guess, I'll wait and see on long term experience. Hopefully, there will be no lemon qualities to come.

That's all for now.
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