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12302012 - Corpus Christi

Today I had my first personal experience with pick-up truck hospitality here in Texas. I read other posts regarding it but until it happens, you don't quite know what to expect. While riding Texas Hwy 35 heading towards Corpus Christi, I came up behind a pick-up truck and was preparing to pass, (Hwy35 is 2 lanes) while keeping his speed up, the pick-up driver pulls over to the right shoulder of the roadway and lets me pass. The same happened with a couple other pick-up trucks but not SUV's or passenger cars. I have to tell you, they sure do have the pickup trucks here in Texas, quite a few 3/4 ton trucks with diesel and the dully rear suspension.

Otherwise it was uneventful ride. Road I-10 from Orange to Houston then 59/288/35 to Corpus Christi. Also took a couple of FM (Farm to Market) side roads. High temp today was 64F, I was able to unplug the Gerbings.

Coincidence or not, the past three days I have had a conversations with someone in the hotel parking lot who warns of the dangers of riding in Mexico. I need to check out the "Is Mexico Safe" thread for recent updates. One guy just returned from MX and told me he was ripped of for $250 because the police told him his TVIP was invalid. He was driving a Suburban and then told me he had a "small" motorcycle in the back. So maybe the $250 was for the motorcycle TVIP?

That's all for today.

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