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Perhaps the new SCORE will see the benefits of a multi-day rally and do one of their own for the pro guys and all of you all-out fast guys on modern bikes and trophy trucks that want a mini-Dakar and all that goes with it.

Roadracer - the reason to run a vintage bike or car has nothing to do with costs or wanting to win. It's about celebrating and reliving the past of off-road racing. That is why the M1K is going through a transformation which just may end the vintage and pure "fun" aspect that was its initial intention. Because the more trophy trucks that enter, the more the course is going to look like the Baja 1K course, and the vintage bikes and cars just can't do the 4-foot whoops.

I see more and more people resurrecting vintage cars to run specifically in this race, but as the number of modern entrants increase, if care is not take to preserve the vintage aspect, it will become simply a multi-day Baja 1000. And that would probably be a very popular route and NORRA might just see the numbers grow. But at what cost??

Running a vintage vehicle in a multi-day, 1200 mile race, and just finishing is a challenge and huge accomplishment in itself. It becomes more about keeping the vehicle moving forward and still making some decent time. This is just a totally different experience than running something modern or built for this type of racing, where you can actually win the overall. Some like it, some don't. Again, apples and oranges, which is why having both types in the same race and trying to grow numbers is going to prove to be a real challenge for NORRA without alienating either group.

I don't know. I'm just glad I am getting to experience it while it is still a fun race for anyone who does not live in SoCal or the southwest and who does not desert race for a living. And I hope I can still run it again on my SL350 when when I'm done with the rally car fun.

And is far as pre-running; It doesn't bother me a bit if everyone else does it, because I am there for my own experience. You can prerun the course 10 times and still have a mechanical that puts you out on day 1. Again, the guys looking for the overall win are the ones who will prerun a multi-day, fun-paced rally, which many pro riders told me is similar to their pre-running experiences in the first place
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