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Our ride down to De Swamp in Nov. 08. Part 1 of 3

We had plan on leaving early, but our Scooter cat changed our plans…..
Don let her out at 4 am and she didn’t come in till 8:30!!!! Bad kitty…
Ok so a little later then we wanted to leave…That meant we might not make it to Lafayette LA. in one run….

Now your wonder what in the world is LD pointing at??
Will come back to that…..

Ok back on the trip…I just love the long morning shadows..

It was cold!!! At 9am it was still 22*

We both had all of our gerbings on from socks to gloves and everything in between.…

Outside of the cold ,it looks to be a fine day…
By late morning it started to warm up nicely …

By afternoon we made our first food stop..

It sure was a grand afternoon for a longgg ride..

We got to . This place had huge catpaw prints all over the place ..Kinda cool..

This was our last fuel stop for the night, we still felt good so we ran out the tanks..

We got to Slidell La..I guess it was about 750 miles…
HB started loading his bike and I did mine as well..

We didn’t hit it super early .Left the motel around 7 am…

Dang I-12 is long and straight~~ This was our first trip to La…

Then I-10. Yuppers just as straight…

I was really amazed on all the tree damage…I’m not sure which Hurricane damage it was from..

We rode for a while then fueled up ,Oh boy a Gator store .. Bummer not that kind..

We couldn’t find a place to eat there.. So we got back on the slab and found a MickyDee’s Not the best choice but it will have to do… The cool thing is it’s Halloween weekend and well this fella was all ready for the little kiddies.. And having fun to boot..

After having coffee and a snack.. We are back on the highway..
Hey would ya look at that.. It’s a Budweiser Plant !!!

This was a new and strange looking land for us …And we were totally enjoying the ride, even if we are on the super slab....

Yee Haw 24 miles to Baton Rouge !!! The funny thing Garth Brooks song had just finished playing on my MP3 !!

Man oh man is this land flat… Hey they build Fire Truck apparatuses. That is so cool..

Oh wow Outdoor World .. Would ya just look at how HUGE it is …
I wish we could stop…

Here’s a little something ya’ll didn’t know I like taking shots of Bridges .There are so many… And my all time favorite place for the different bridges is .. Oregon.(I’ll have to work on that RR one day… But right now back to LA…

WOW this one was really cool…

Leaving Baton Rouge

Hey look Louisiana Swamp Cattle..

Cool looking trees .. LOL You know me and my trees…

Yeah baby 30 miles to Lafayette

Whiskey Bay Channel… I will talk about this again…

This was my first time in da swamp.. Very cool..

This is St Martin Parish

Louisiana is divided up by Parishes and not Counties..

I thought I saw a Gator down there !!!!

Yuppers we saw a small gator there….

This area and long bridge that goes over the swamp is very cool..

This is our first real view of the Atchafalaya Swamp .. WOW it’s huge

Cool I got HB in the Tanker …

I just love getting this kind of shot…But ya’ll know that all ready..

Our last stop before we get to the hotel. Yes this is the first time we had ever been
To the Little Capital..

Who knew it would be come our al time favorite stop even when we run to TX …

Welcome to Lafayette …

This caught my eye..

We have arrived !!!

Oh wow Cool I caught a peek of The ThunderBirds in the air (More about that later) !!

I saw this cute trailer..

Folks came all over for this Romp in De Swamp party …

Everyone was having a great time..

A whole lot of Lies are being told..

And of course the Dire Straits song popped in my head “Twisting by the Pool”

I’ll just post a few Pool shots…

Hmmm What in the world is JP telling this guy..??

Ray~ Bandit~ Strider(Hoist) …

JP wants to pick the Ticks off of Nancy’s shirt LOL…
After all the Shirt says Nice Ticks….

The next group of pic is just the decor for the party…

This was a very cool Pumpkin..

I guess ya better watch what ya drink…See what it did to that guy..

Yikes is that maggots !!! Oh No it just rice .. I think they call it Boudin..

This our Host and Hostess .. Strider aka Warren and His better half Bonnie..

That’s Strider’s real brother Bear ..

There is a lot of Cock and Bull going on here…
A little factoid { we had chatted with HotGlue on the webs for years ,but this was the first time we had ever met face to face.. And it has been one of the most wonderful friendships .. That I’m truly thankful about..}

With Pinkies out.. They are so sophisticated..

And this will end the first part of The Romp in De Swamp ride in….
Stay tuned for the rest of the story…..
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