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To Tarmarindo Unplanned

Hit the border and exiting Nica was a piece of cake. Took about 45 min. It would have been less if my Spanish was better. Ended up with a helper and told I had zero money. He said no problem and still helped. He actual did help too because at one point I had to find a certain dude wandering the parking lot. I ended up tipping him a couple of dollars.

Entering Costa Rica was a nightmare. Somewhere between 2.5 to 3 hours. The first guy I got would not stamp my passport until I processed the bike. I go to the Aduana he cant do anything until passport is stamped Back to get passport stamped and a bus load of people just beat me there. Insurance office, 2 aduanas and immigration and I am finally done. At the second aduana some people waited so long they cheered when the guy came back from lunch. None of the waiting was a function of how busy the border is but of people not giving the right info or being where they were supposed to be. Oh well I am in CR.

I wanted to head east and ride to the mountains and around a lake, but it was black skies that way and it was starting to rain on me. Change in plan off to Tamarindo. No pics because I saw nothing to take pic off. Its a smaller version of Cabo in Mexico. I was lucky to find a room and it was nothing special for 75 a night.

I was out of there the next day. On my way out of town I went around a guy at about 20 MPH because he was driving like a total jackass. All over the road and erratic braking. Guess who was parked on the side of the road when I made my illegal double yellow line pass. Old Jose Law!! he waived me to pull over. I wanted to keep driving but they have guns and I don't.

A long conversation takes place and I give him a bunch of amigos and por favors. He asks for my passport and I tell him know. I tell him I only show it at borders and there is no reason why he needs it. Just like cops in the states he gets all pissed off because he knows I am right and doesn't like being told the law. He gets his little computer ticket maker our and starts typing feverishly. I ask him to calm down and show him a color copy. This seem to cool him down. I keep telling them I am leaving CR tomorrow and wont be able to with a ticket. Boat to Colombia blah blah. None of it true. But I know a ticket on a Saturday and right before a holiday this will quickly turn into a week ordeal. His partner writes down all my info on a blank sheet of paper and asks how much do I pay now? I say I have very little money and go to my stash where he cant see what I really have. I thought I had a 20 and a 1 but I reall had 2 20's. Oh well 40 is cheaper than another night in this town. I think he actually wanted 25-30, but as far as I know so far crooked cops dont make change.

I was irritated but it was over and I made sure we ripped the paper with all of my information written on it to shreds. Off to Samara. No pics of the ride. I only spent one night in Samara but really liked it. San Juan del Sur is still my number 1 but Samara is a great second.

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Finally talked to Eliza from Maine doing the trip solo. I have seen her 3 times but this is the first we got a chance to talk.

Off to Monte Verde tomorrow for this:
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