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Pardon me for my ignorance... front suspension question

Guys, simple stupid question here. If I remove my front shock/spring assembly, what happens to the front wheel? Is there a stop to keep it from dropping to the floor (doesn't have far to go of course) or what?

Reason I'm asking (this will help you answer me) is I will get my Ohlins front shock rebuilt this winter, but the bike will sit in my Korean parking garage. Everything needs to look "usable" not like a garage. My idea is that I'll remove the assembly and just leave the bike sitting on the center stand while I have the shock rebuilt (probably 3-4 weeks turnaround).

I suppose once concern is the random "someone sitting on my bike" thing and surprise, the front wheel gives no support! I doubt this is an issue though, Koreans seem to leave other people's stuff alone very well.

Any precautions I need to take?
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