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Originally Posted by bajaboundmoto View Post
Roger has been in Lima since the 26th...

And I'm wondering why there's the subject of air support. I know the McMillins had a fixed-wing 2 years ago but have there been others? Any helo's used at Mex1k? I don't think so.
And as for banning ait support, no way would I ever suggest that unless the promoter had at least a few Helo's in the air. Fixed wing can only relay info via radio (just as McMillins did 2 years ago when a biker hit a ranch truck). So if teams have a helo that's great because there's a possibility it will come in handy to another team. Even the JCR helo has stopped to check on non-team riders at the B.1000.
People who are against air support simply don't understand what they do and commonly think the main reason they are there is to cheat.

Mc Million's air support is known by the handle "Beagle" and it is a large private jet. Beagle was a huge part of the communications required to get those involved in the accident between Laguna Chapalla & El Crucero at this last 1000 flown back to the states. Beagle has been a major resource after dark which is huge because private aircraft can not land after dark any where in Baja without having had filed an IFR flight plan. You can land after dark with special permission at Loretto or La Paz and you pay to keep the people in the tower. If you don't have that special permission and you have to set down after dark, you lose your aircraft period.

I've been hanging with the the big Trophy Truck teams since the class was formed. Most of those teams have had air support of some sort. Veneable Rough Riders had an Aerocomander that "loitered" at 15 to 20k ft agl purely for communication just like Beagle does now. In 1991 I flew air support for Robby Gordon in a Cessna 182 with a pilot, co-pilot and me talking on the radio in the back seat. Householder's Heli pilot is a hart surgeon and many teams have a EMT in the chopper. All of them will go to an injured racer as long as they can fly.

Banning air support is short sighted and narrow minded at best.

BTW, no team has yet to use air support at NORRA. We'll see how good NORRA's support is when someone finally get hurt out in the middle of a stage. Maybe everyone should be carrying SPOT Trackers and they can push the "Help Mr. Wizard" button to save their ass.
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