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IMHO, Gunny, Aerostitch makes great stuff, but comparing the 'Stitch's crash protection to motoport, the 'Stitch finishes second. The big knock on motoport is that it is ugly. As a retired Chief, I know you care a lot of how pretty you look!

Seriously, take a hard look at motoport's air mesh kevlar, which I think is great for humid weather. Motoport's stretch kevlar is a fantastic material, as well, and it is easier to wear than the mesh. The mesh is tough, and it feels a little like chain mail, but it vents better than anything on the market because the whole outfit is mesh. The stretch is a little softer, and it really is stretchy. By the way, motoport makes a sport glove from the stretch material, too. I highly recommend buying a pair, and then never worrying about buying another pair of gloves. They don't wear out, water doesn't bother them.

I know Wayne (motoport's owner) has taken some knocks on the customer service front from a handful of fellers on here. I have had several dealings with him now, and I am a very happy customer.

If you have any questions, shoot me a pm. I'll send you my phone number; I'd be happy to tell you over the phone why I am so satisfied with motoport.
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