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Getting to Texas

As usual Dean took notes, so I'll use those and maybe add a little.

Dean sez:

Starting the trip on 1 Nov 2012 I rode the DR 650 from my house to Charlie’s in Pine Island. We loaded the bikes did some final trip preparations, a quick supper, slept till morning and started south the morning of 2 November.

The Luxo-van

holds 2 DR650’s with millimeters to spare.

We spent the evening and overnight at Throttlemeisters shop in Pryor Oklahoma. John and his sweet dog Tippy drove us to a great BBQ Joint south of Pryor, we each had a huge tasty meal for about $10, with plenty left for another meal. We took the rest for breakfast.

John and Tippy

It was fun hearing John's tales of his extended trip through Central America and Cuba and northern South America. John was actually getting ready to fly home to Oklahoma when he hit a bad patch of dirt road in the dark and broke his leg.

Alice Texas

We drove a bit over 600 miles each of the last two days to arrive here in Alice. Charlie's 1994 Chevy Luxo-Van with 80,000 miles is doing an adequate job of hauling us and the bikes south; air conditioning would however be nice as the afternoon temps in the 80s are uncomfortable and sweaty, we can't lower the drivers window as it sometimes doesn't want to go back up. Charlie's hip has been aggravating him so I've been doing most of the driving, gas mileage is from 12.8 to 14.8mpg. I think our load is maxing out the limits of the van, if the road is rough at all we are like a cork on the water.

[This van cost $1000 and that doesn’t buy what it used to. It’s a ūton van and we were a little short of a 1500 lb. payload, so maybe the shocks are worn a little. cwc]

Up at 7am after a good nights sleep in the Sunset Motel ($55). We will eat breakfast now in the room and then proceed the 100 miles to our staging area near the border. Charlie is talking with members of the group to plan to meet up at about 10:30 this morning.

Met Bob, Sue, Paul and Kevin at the secret parking spot late morning, unloaded the motos, parked the tow vehicles, checked into Motel 9, went and ate lunch and then crossed the border to do the necessary paper work on the Mexican side for a tourist visa and moto permit.

Two different border workers on the U.S. side were very cautionary about our travels into Mexico. They each mentioned that yesterday there was a shoot out right near the border bridge here, and the bridge was closed for a time. Hope all goes well for all of the group the next two weeks.

We returned back to the motel between 3-4 pm. Some are going for supper, but I'm still full from lunch. Nice basic room here, but no ice at all.

[Deans glass is always at least half full. Basic is the operative word for the Motel Nine. Apparently Texans only need one sheet on their beds, but they were glad to supply another for each bed when they discovered that we were from Minnesota. It WAS very close to the border though so that was handy. – cwc]

Our crossing is Pharr / Reynosa, Linda, Craig, Betty, and Peter are crossing at Brownsville / Matamoros. They emailed and said all of their paper work was done and that they will be crossing at 8 am tomorrow as well.

We will head for Ciudad Mante tomorrow.

DR350 It'll get you there

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