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Originally Posted by HighFive View Post
Yes! In fact, there seem to be a few common parts between the F800GS and the Husky Terra.

Having both of them in my garage is both a blessing and a curse. I'm slowly robbing primo farkles from my F800 and migrating them to the Terra.

First, it was the side stand foot support. My Wunderlich wide foot pad was a perfect fit, as the two bikes share the identical kickstand. Today, I confirmed the two bikes share the exact same stock foot pegs…..which got me thinking (a dangerous thing lately). I wonder if my Touratech Adjustable Footpegs will work on the Terra?

That could be a perfect solution, if they did, as the TT pegs move down and forward which is exactly the improvement I need on the Terra riding position. So, let's find out.

Here is the TT peg on my Beemer

BTW…notice the rear brake pedal on my F800. It looks to be a very close fit for the Terra…..for an over-the-peg operation. Add that to My List for later investigation.

Stock peg on the Terra.

A bit wimpy and narrow, though not bad as some new bikes I've had in my life. Here's a side by side comparison:

The TT peg is about the same width (front to back) but is a fair amount longer (away from bike). Besides being adjustable downward/forward in four separate positions, this longer length would allow for a wider stance….more comfort & stability.

The stock peg is non-adjustable.

Notice carefully the height to the stock peg surface in relation to the rear brake pedal. Its higher than the brake. This creates a problem when trying to gain a positive advantage on the braking action with the foot. You have to reach too far downward to feel a solid engagement of the brake. Everyone has been blaming the rear brake pedal design (under the foot peg) with its long pivot action. I'm certainly no fan of this old-style design, but I've personally felt the bigger problem is the foot peg position versus rear brake pedal location. They are backwards from what they should be. The rear pedal should be even with, or slightly higher than the peg for proper engagement. Look at any bike you have where the rear brake action feels solid, and you will note this type of relationship.

The TT peg is perfect fit and you can see it mounted here in the lowest, most forward adjustment position (same as I had it on my F800).

See how the peg height is now equal to the rear brake pedal height. The difference may appear small to your eyes, but it is substantial to your foot…..when feeling for the brake.

There is only one modification that is needed to put these TT pegs into service on the Terra (well….I guess its optional, but I'm strongly recommending it): Cut the top part of the return spring off flush with some snips. This photo depicts the issue. It was the same thing on the F800.

That's all which really needs to be down to make them work well without poking you in the boot. You will need to use a new cotter pin on the back side of the peg's retaining pivot.

Now, let's look at the other side. Here's the Beemer install for reference (again).

That's my Wunderlich Adjustable Shift Lever…its been my favorite one EVER! Moving the peg forward in the mount shortens the gap between peg and shifter; thus, the need for an Adjustable Lever (to move it forward also). Unfortunately, this part is not a match to the Terra. The motor design of the left side case is different and this Wunderlich part will not work. I will definitely be on the hunt for one. The Touratech model for the Sertao is the only option I've seen to date.

Stock Terra peg, left side:

TT Adjustable Peg - farthest downward/forward position:

This longer peg also helped solve the "boot rubbing on the kickstand spring retainer" problem. It allows the foot to move comfortably away from the bike frame.

I took the bike outside for a test ride and shot a couple more pics in better natural lighting. Momma said you could never have too many photos.

I definitely like the riding position better. Its more comfortable on my knees when sitting down…..allowing the stance to be a little more open. My legs are not as curled up as they were with the stock peg position. This is a perfect example where a "little bit goes a long ways". It really feels good. I also like standing up on the wider platform, spreading my stance a bit over previous. It feels very natural for me, more like my normal stance on the ground.

BUT the biggest surprise was the rear brake. It suddenly feels just fine. I have plenty of pressure with very little movement of my foot….whether standing or seated. Problem solved! I even reconsider the need to change the pedal design from under to over the peg…..other than for "protection" reasons. Maybe I'll get that Motosportz skid plate after all.

AND, I really didn't have a problem shifting gears. There was still enough room to easily engage the lever with my size 9 boot. Though, I would still prefer an adjustable shift lever to move it a bit more forward.

These TT pegs are pricey, but they have served me well over the past 2 1/2 years on my F800GS. At least they didn't cost me anything new today (I'm keeping with the theme). Plenty of life left in them yet. Besides, what price do you put on comfort and problem solving. Its certainly worth consideration.

Hey HF,

Great just as I suspected the pegs fit right over and as we already determined the side stand foot too.

That covers one part of ours so who's gonna make a skid plate and top rack???

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