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Originally Posted by HeatXfer View Post
That is a shitty thing to do. I'm having a similar experience with my recently purchased 990, although not nearly as bad. It is my fault for not being diligent in my inspection of the bike and more direct in my questions before buying. Had I known about the lack of maintenance, the extent of needed repairs and the real possibility of a complete engine rebuild I would have offered $2k less.

If the previous owner had been forthcoming about the bike's problems, I would have known the guy to be honest and taken my chances on the deal. Again, it's my fault for not being thorough, but that doesn't excuse his deception and his willingness to let me drive off with a time bomb.

Too bad, now he's just another guy I can't trust.
Mate I am sorry to hear that too, if I had known that this guy was FOS and just deceitful I would not have gone near it either or gone WAY less to cover for repairs.

Lesson learnt for me being a dumbarse trusting Kiwi, got to get around this in cost damage recovery mode hence selling basically all the good bits and put back on the factory stuff, expensive mistake unless he stumps up.

Originally Posted by ciedema View Post
Having seen what Andi has gone thru up close, it is certainly disappointing for him.

I recently brought a 990 then same way, for me it was a great experience and I now count the previous owners as friends.
If it weren't for the support of the local Phoenix crowd and our mates here it would be bloody hard to the point I probably would have packed it in and gone home by now, to be honest I have had enough of troubles and wouldn't mind a bit of a good run for a change.

Anyway, happy new year all, hope you have a great time with family and friends.
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