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Originally Posted by welder View Post
I will never buy a Ford product period. My brother in law is a ford guy through and through. He buys new fords (cars and trucks)every couple of years and has nothing but headaches. As you can see from my op I keep my vehicles for a long time. I need a vehicle that will last and be extremely reliable for a long period of time. My 626 has been unbelievable for reliability. I will always buy Japanese or some type of import as I have had great success with them. The only question is which one. As for Camry's being boring, I will trade fun factor for boring any day, as long as I have reliability. cars for me are a tool for transporting people and cargo.
I agree with you. Best to go with Honda/Toyota/Nissan/Mazda. The new Mazda 6 looks great - but obviously out of the $15K price range.

I'd still look at the Altima or Accord.

ps - I have a 10 year old Element. Still looks and drives like new. 82K miles now.
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