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I have had my 2012 DL650 about 11 months now, turned over 27,000 miles yesterday coming back from the NC coast. So far it has only needed the usual tires, chain, sprockets, gas, oil. Like others have said here it isn't the fastest/best at anything but does a lot very well and if you really prefer riding to waiting for your bike to get out of the shop it is hard to beat. If there is one thing that I really do not like about the DL650 it is the alternator capacity. Somehow Suzuki has not heard of things like heated gear! It you try running a full set of heated gear (max setting) for a long time (over 7 hours) you can drain the battery to the point of the bike won't start. If you have heated grips on at the same time this can happen in a few hours. And if it is also dark and you like your high beams it gets ugly pretty fast. I have a volt meter to keep track of battery level. I also carry a set of jumper cables and a spare battery just in case. Lithium batterys are not cheap but really light and the piece of mind is worth it to me.
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