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Originally Posted by welder View Post
I will always buy Japanese or some type of import as I have had great success with them. The only question is which one. As for Camry's being boring, I will trade fun factor for boring any day, as long as I have reliability. cars for me are a tool for transporting people and cargo.
I'll never understand this mindset. If you're going to spend $x on a vehicle and can choose between The Most Boring Appliance On The Planet (Camry) or something with some actual style and driving dynamics for the same price, why not go with choice B?

Cars like Camrys are bought by people who hate driving. By buying a Camry they are assuring they will continue to hate driving.

The Toyota logo on the front is no assurance of reliability, though the legend certainly does sell a lot of vehicles for them. V6 head gasket failures, Tacoma frame rust, Camry door handles that break...they are no more infallible than any other brand. Believing every Toyota is going to be rock solid and maintenance free because they built Corollas that way in the 1970s is akin to believing VW products are bulletproof because of the Beetle.

But hey, if you're sold on boring appliances, feel free to buy a Camry (though your ownership of a far more fun Mazda indicates there is some hope there).
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