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Mydlo....any updates?

I recently received my kit and just started the install last night. I have to say that getting the light shell apart was a bee-atch!!! I had the light in and out of a 265 deg oven about 6 times before it finally came apart. The adhesive KTM used is more like high temp silicone than any compound that softens with heat. I had to apply a lot more force than I expected and the heating helps stop the shell from cracking more than anything else. I will follow up with my progress.
Just wondering if you have had any issues with the 50W unit. TRS steered me clear of it as they thought it would be too much heat inside a small headlight housing ( I always thought a 60W halogen ran much hotter than a 50W HID anyway, but whatever) They also said the 35W is more reliable long term. I figured I didn't need a ton more light, just light in the right place , which is the whole point of the projector assembly.
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