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Originally Posted by GS Addict View Post
Great to hear your progress.

If you really want to bring the battery to full capacity you can do the following:
(you will need an 18v current limited power supply)

Out of the Odyssey manual:

1. Bring the battery to room temperature—25°C (77°F)—if it
is not already there.
2. Measure the open circuit voltage (OCV). Continue to step
3 if it measures at least 6.00V.
3. Charge the battery for 24 hours using a constant current
charge that is 5% of the 20-hour capacity of the battery
(5A for a 100Ah battery). The charger should be able to
provide a driving voltage as high as 18.00V. Monitor the
battery temperature; discontinue charging if the battery
temperature rises by more than 20°C.
4. Allow the battery to stand for 18 hours after completion
of step 3.
5. Perform a capacity test on the battery and record the
amp-hours delivered. The longer the discharge the more
reliable the result. This is Cycle 1.
6. Repeat steps 3 through 5. The capacity noted in step 5
is the Cycle 2 capacity. Proceed to step 7 only if Cycle
2 capacity is greater than Cycle 1 capacity; otherwise
replace the battery.
7. Repeat steps 3 through 5 to get Cycle 3 capacity and
proceed to step 8 only if Cycle 3 capacity is equal to or
more than the capacity in Cycle 2. Replace the battery
if Cycle 3 capacity is less than Cycle 2 capacity. If the
capacity is greater than or equal to 80% of the rated
capacity of the battery it may be returned to service.
8. Recharge the battery and put back in service if Cycle 3
capacity is equal to or exceeds Cycle 2 capacity.

I have managed to bring back several "failed" Odysseys using this method, it works really well
Yeah, well I'm pretty sure the battery in the Apollo 13 spacecraft was an Odyssey. This is absurd.
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