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Ecuador Border

We waited in this line on the Ecuador side, for an hour and a half, for our Migration stamp before we even started the process of importing the bikes.

When the border process was finally over we stopped in Tulcan Ecuador, the first available place.

A street in Tulcan

I had a great meal there in a restaurant a police officer recommended


Franki's meal

When we left Tulcan for the Equator we had a great ride. About halfway to the Equator the E35, the main highway to Quito takes a winding plunge into a desert valley, you drop from 3300 meters to 1600 meters stunning scenery, smooth pavement, little traffic, wide enough we used the "third lane" we could pass even in blind corners by riding the yellow line. It was like the best roller coaster ride even with four bikes all in a line, flying low. Outstanding riding! Died and gone to motorcycle heaven kind of riding! Sorry I don't have pictures, we looked for a place to stop and it just wasn't available. We finally came to this lake where the kids were enjoying boat rides.

and renting quads to ride on this track

A Dad asked me if his kids could sit on my Moto

They were so cute! All three, very politely, shook my hand afterward and said Gratias!

We left the lake and made the last dash to the Hacienda Guachala where we satyed last night. It is a great spot recommended by another rider, RTW Paul and Paul was right. Quiet, peaceful, and luxuries like hot showers which are just not available in most places we stay.

On the way we stopped at the Equator Monunment, We Had crossed the Equator!

Pointing at Ecuador!

School Kids balancing eggs on end

We found out later that the monument we were at has been replaced by a new monument, almost across the street that we hadn't seen. Turns out the old monument determined before the days of GPS was 200 meters out. The new one is exactly on the Equator and is a more fitting monument, so Franki and I got up early this morning and rode over there before anyone was there and took these photos.

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