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Originally Posted by waybill View Post
The two prevalent type roads (not counting atv trails) in OcNF are graded clay and two track jeep trails. Nearly all the clay roads are dead straight and run E/W or N/S. The jeep trails are squiggly and sandy all or in part unless it just rained.

A couple not so straight clay roads are shown on the map, at the bottom FR10 (it's now FR46 I think) and the road out to the ferry from Salt Springs. Also the two diagonal roads at the top are jeep trails that aren't sandy, fun and noob friendly. The rest are just suggestions for tying it together.
Thank you so much waybill!! Your suggestions were perfect. I kept your map on my GPS and stuck pretty close to the blue lines!!
We mostly stayed on the southeast loop using jeep trails between the two east-west routes. The clay roads were absolutely perfect for my wife. She was challenged just being off-road for the first half of the day but after finding a little sand she quickly realized that the clay roads were easy.
She got about 30 miles under her belt! Great day!!

OnF is beautiful. Can't wait to go back!
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