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Just amazing that this and other problems persist with the BMW brand.
Even at day one, my GSA fuel indicator has been completely inaccurate, and does bizarre things. Starting it up in the morning is always a blast until it figures out how much fuel it actually has. I don't think I'd fix it if it completely broke . I'd just calculate the mileage I had for the volume I put in.

As for BMW problems persisting, German engineers are very stubborn and reluctant to admit they effed up. BMW and their dealers are extremely good at denying, pointing fingers and covering up. Their cars are beautiful but have extremely unreliable electronics, and lot of their bikes have huge issues which they will just not fix. Vibrations on their K1300 series, final drive failures on all their bikes, bearings on the F800's are all well documented and yet they either ignore them or are verrrry slowwwww at fixing them.
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