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Motorcycle steering has an ‘inverse-response’ dynamic characteristic that requires countersteering to stabilize the bike. Another well-studied ‘system’ with this characteristic is the ‘inverted pendulum’; I mention it because an important analogy can be demonstrated.
To help make sense of countersteering while off the bike, try to balance an upright broomstick on your upturned palm. Once comfortable with balancing it, take five steps to your right. The fastest, smoothest, and surest way to do this from a standstill is to:
1) move your hand to the left (causes the broomstick to lean to the right)
2) take 5 steps to your right
3) accelerate your hand to the right (causes the broomstick to straighten and allows you to stop smoothly)

After you’re done with the broomstick game, try moving your upright extension ladder around the outside of the house with the fly extended. After a while, you should be able to move around deliberately without stomping on the flower beds and having the ladder crash down on your neighbor’s car.

It’s important to become comfortable with the reality of the physics so you can be as smooth, deliberate, and precise as possible in guiding your bike down the road on your chosen lines. Now put down the broomstick and try it on the bike.
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