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Fuel !!!

hi Veter, what you discribe at the bigginig of the thread sound veri familiar to me , I live in venezuela and like in mexico some gas station on the road have water and some kind of jelly mud on the tanks , in central and suoth america except from chile never but NEVER pour gas to your bike if you see a fuel truck discharging fuel to the gas station tanks because the tanks are all turbulent or mix up .

I have seem here in my contry that fault in many 1200 and 1150 and 1100, but the ones that suffer the most are the 1200 because the electronic, check the bottom of your tank with a plastic hose to see if the fuel is not cristal clear (you know unleaded fuel has some kind of yellowish color but always clear) if that is your problem you have to remove the tank and empty it and clean it also the mesh filter at the end of the pump.

that problem didnt start at mexico df other wise you had turn back to the dealer imediatly tha t for sure happen on the road after a night rest and all the dirt and water settle to the bottom of the tank where the mesh filter is.

one last advise , when you are on the road and your bike is running ok dont mess with it, just chage the oil

have a safe ride and FELIZ AŅO !!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!

sorry for my english!!

'95 R 1100 GS
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