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Originally Posted by nachtflug View Post
But he has shown he can win on a reasonably regular basis with multiple top adversaries present. Dungey seems to have minimal wins until ALL of the top adversaries are out. Which cannot be said about the CR/RV/JS. Personally i don't have a favorite but as I started this debate I'll just say that expecting more from champions either going forward or in hindsight is a fair point of view from the ranks of the spectators. I'd like nothing better than to see any of them post an undefeated run to a title. They are all in my opinion the top riders on the planet in any discipline and that includes Moto GP and to be "the best" of the top 10 is worthy of some kind of statue. Dungey, Reed, Stewart, and RV are the gold standard for "dirt bikes". For Barcia and Canard to be mentioned in the same breath speaks for itself. For Windham to do what he does at his age defies logic. Still time for one magical season? Maybe the 2013 Honda 450 was born for this very reason. Whatever way you slice the pie it doesn't bode well for Yamaha's red headed step child of a platform.
Flug, I totally understand what you are saying about Dungey, and sub-consciously I agree with it, but maybe that's why I want to argue it so bad.

Facts. In 2010, RD beat RV straight up 5 times before RV was injured. He also Beat JS and CR twice before they left the series.

In 2011 RD had 1 win with CR, JS, RV and TC all present.

In 2012 RD had one win with RV, CR, TC and JS present and 2 wins with just RV and JS present.

These results of course are all SX only. So again, I understand completely what you are saying, but I think he's winning more against full competition than you are giving him credit for.

What is it, 5 more days? No A1 for me this year, but I've got my tickets for Oakland and I am ready! And Yeah, I'm glad I live on the West coast and the guys are almost always still healthy while they are in my neck of the woods.
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