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Tinkering Part 2

I need a windshield. I am an old guy with circulation issues and fear of bug splats. Both my 610's have handlebar mounted screens so swapping one out was a natural choice for me. If there is one upside to the low cost bars on the Terra it is that they are old school 7/8 diameter all the way through making this install painless for me.

Bar mounted screens are not for everyone and yes the cockpit gets a little busy but in keeping with my theme of "I had it lying around" this works. The top of the screen is 13 inches from the top of the numberplate providing me lots of protection. I like versatility in my modifications and what I like best about this setup is that with the twist of two bolts the screen is off. This comes in handy when say you ride the Alpine Loop in mid July, then book it over to Moab when the temperature is 99 degrees on the White Rim Trail. Son, today these screens are staying at the hostel. Also you can see my Acerbis plastic handguards which are take offs from the Gran Canyon. When soybeans get back to $17 a bushel Cycra's will go on but these were "lying around". I have had many versions of grip heaters over the years and each one has had their high and low points. I felt I just had to try these Oxford units for testing purposes. I went with the better controller option which added even more $$$ to an already pricey system but I truly dislike cold digits and use grip heaters frequently here in northwest Illinois. I have only taken one 60 mile ride as the weather turned unpleasant but so far they work very well and heat up much faster than my wrap arounds or cartridge style on other bikes. A quick note on my bench supplies. Every hardware item I remove gets re-assembled with some product on it. If it could fall off and possibly kill me and is larger than a 6 mm then it gets one drop of blue Loctite. Anything else gets a little dab of Never Seize. Since I began this practice in 1983 I have yet to lose plastic or any attached item, never been injured by loose debris, never stripped or broke a bolt and have lost one radiator shroud bolt. Just my stupid philosophy. My electrical work required some deep thought. I have tapped into a circuit to add a relay on other bikes and lots of farm equipment but at some point during its life I regretted doing it. Corrosion, vibration, just my inept wiring skills perhaps would occasionally rear its ugly head and usually when a tester was not around. My grip controller has a LED indicator and I always remove my GPS at night so I chose to run fused power from the battery and do away with a relay circuit. Now if something goes wrong I have but two wires to look at and the risk of affecting a circuit on the bike is eliminated. Plus Husky did not make it easy to access a wire on this bike. I connected my power lead to the SAE connector from the battery tender lead so with a quick seat removal and unplug I can "Joker" proof a battery drain that some of the clowns I ride with find amusing. I should warn the un-initiated, you are going to need thick skin to ride a Husky. Enough deep thoughts, lets address that seat that us long legged riders deal with.

This is a seat pad I found in the bargain section of Wally World years ago and it has seen extensive use on many bikes. It has a waffle pattern in there and adds about 3/4 inch of seat height but more importantly for me it smoothes the transition on the stepped seat shape. I like to stretch out sometimes.

As you can see it is well worn and I use only the finest tarp grabbers that Farm and Fleet handles. I only use it on really long trips, say 200 miles or more.

This is how it looks attached. The rubber bands are from my daughters "Moon Walking Boots" she got for Christmas when she was 5 years old. Imagine an 8 inch piece of 10 inch PVC pipe with about 40 of these rubber bands strung across it. You strapped then on and you could bounce wherever you walked. There were 3 different strengths so as the child got heavier you could adapt. When she outgrew the devices Dad snatched up all those rubber bands and I use them repeatedly. She is 25 now but whenever I use one of these rubber bands I can still picture her bouncing through the living room saying "Look Dad, I'm on the moon!" But again I digress. Next up, stupid luggage options.
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