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Omigod. Your dad deviates from his GM kool-aid for a Ford (no doubt on your recommendation) and the car immediately gets recalled? I bet you've been hearing about that every day.

I'll be curious to hear what he thinks of the 1.6 turbo. That engine size and output seems perfect to me.
I was shocked. He swapped a 2012 Buick Lacrosse with e-assist for it. That car was a real POS. He had most of the hybrid drivetrain replaced in it.

He had 3000 miles on the Fusion when the recall hit. He loves it. He says the seats are better then the Buick and the engine is the best he's ever had in a sedan. This is a guy who bought new Corvettes every other year from MY1959 to MY1965. He says the published mileage numbers on the Fusion 1.6 are lower than actuals. He is exceeding them by 2 mpg and he isn't even into the good mpg miles. He even likes the MyFord Touch system. This is a guy who still has a flip phone because anything else is too complicated.

He was really upset with the recall and the Impala he was given as the rental.

I wish I could say he bought the Fusion because of me but it is because of my new brother in law. My dad has a bromance going on with his new son-in-law.
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