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Originally Posted by BergDonk View Post
I fitted 2 relays, one for high beam and one for low. There's enough room under the rhs sidecover using heavy gauge self tappers into the airbox to secure them. Mine are in the corner.

The stock wiring harness sends power to the front to the dip switch in the lhs handlebar, then back to the fuse block under the rhs sidecover, then forward again to the headlight. Not very efficient!

Mounting the relays here means the battery is handy, as is the feed from the dip switch. I also fitted a +80% bulb at the time with heavier cable for the relays to the light and got a noticeable improvement in light output.

Its a bit of an overkill now that I have the HID, fitted almost 2 years ago, because it has its own feed from the battery and relay, so all these relays do is feed the HID relay. But if I revert to a QH H4, itsstill all there.
Were relays added because of the +80% bulb? How many Watts is that bulb? Anything much higher than 55 Watt can MELT bulb plug and wiring.
Another reason I like the HID ... they run cool.

For my single bulb 35 Watt HID install I did not have to run any wires anywhere, no relays. I simply plugged into H-4 ... the HID ignitor and ballast all live in headlight cowl. No extra wiring to short, abrade, get pulled or melt. If my HID should ever fail, its 5 minutes to pull cowl, swap out HID bulb for standard bulb.

Thanks for the pics and comments on starter removal/service. I'd like to know a way to service the starter without removal, in situ ... you alluded to this but weren't sure if it can be done. Any way to do it?

Anyone know?

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