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Tom , no reason why you should try to avoid Cd Victoria
Nothing there to fear and much to look forward to.It is an interesting
prosperous city, good hotels and good routes.
For instance Mex 101 south out of the city
THAT IS a road you Must take - even if you are
going to go south farther on Mex 85!
Mex 101 leaves the southwest corner of Cd Victoria
and winds and climbs up on and over the forested mountains
A great bike road! On the downward west side you will
come to the junction of a much newer south - bypass
fast truck route state highway
which you can use to zip back east through the scenic
canyon landscape to reconnect with Mex 85 about 20 km
south of the city . Well worth the trouble on a nice day.
Or you could stay the course on Mex 101 and ride the high desert
south through Jaumave, Tula and at that town pick up
the state roads east across the mountains to Ocampo and
rejoin Mex 85 at Cd Mante or Antiguo Morelos.
Mind you the route I describe is VERY DANGEROUS !😉
You will be so tempted and distracted by all the alluring
side roads of gravel and pavement that you will be constantly
debating which ones you want to explore. You lads may not
even reach the outlined blue zone of your maps before you need
to head home.😂
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