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That was a very fun day. And by the Q session you were a lot closer to Jeff than you lead on. If you recall, the Cup grid was mostly Michelin until that round except for Jeff, you, Racer20, and a couple others. By mid day Saturday there was a rush to get Dunlop 160 softs and Race Tire Service ran out for Sunday. Dunlop shipped you and Jeff a set of rears overnight for the money cool and you delivered for them too. After Pocono Dunlop took over that grid.

But yeah, when there is meaningful purse and sponsor support at stake everybody gets less friendly.

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My first pro event (and it's a stretch to call it pro. it was small time) was at Pocono in the Aprilia Cup Series. I had never been to another track at that point and I was in no danger of beating anyone near the front of the grid. One lap Jeff Wood passed me just before the front straight and I tucked in behind him, hoping to go to learn how to go around the race track. Two corners into the lap, he saw I was following him and sat up and slowed down until I passed him!

I was sooooo much slower than him and I was not any danger what so every, but it was a serious race with money on the line and he wasn't fooling around anymore.

I even have a picture of it!

This is right after Jeff let me by.

Anyhow, the point being is that I understand exactly what you mean about maintaining the feel of the event, but the real thing NORRA needs to do to is build the rules so a privateer on a limited budget can compete with the big guys. The rest will take care of itself.
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