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Originally Posted by Mr. BigWheel View Post
You owe it to yourself Sticker. You wouldn't think that you could have fun for so long just going around in circles. Little circles. Big circles. Slow circles. Fast ones. All sideways. Finest entertainment available.


Welcome aboard! The 350 in the picture above is sporting the largest 25" tire I've ever mounted. It fits with 3mm rally studs and a fairly worn chain. It is a 25x12-9. If that fits in the swingarm, I think anything would.


Mr. BigWheel

Hi Mr. BigWheel,

please could you give me an indication how much space is left free in between tire and swingarm ( BW350 ) ?
Just for waging german ( european ) MOT specs.

Thanxs and have a good new year to you all.

/ Röhrich
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