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Originally Posted by dougs650 View Post
Recently in Big Bend National Park

I have to reply on this very old post since it does appear to have some long legs. I'm on several bimmer forums at least as long and love the few threads with longevity & a life of their own. Anyway, to start with is I'd love to be seeing this ride from my own eyes right now as what I see out this window right now is around 4" of that cold white crystal we know as SNOW!!!! And #2 is the excellent tune to the ride.

Both took me back to the time of my 1st legal road bike. And my daily transport for 2 years incl. cold winters. Not a beemer, but I'll get to that point later. Was a dual sport '71 Yamaha DT-1 250. Could at anytime be cruising and just find that place to jump off the road and put those knobbies to work. I also had my regular spots to tear it up. Would love to find out what those extra few hundreds of cc's can do for ya. Which brings me to mentioned point, I strongly feel anyone that plans to ride to start out on a trail bike first. You learn a lot without the asphalt rash. Dirt ain't that soft, but sure beats the alternative. I've told a few guys over the years, some listened, most don't. Excuse mentioned import, it's just a great memory.
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