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The Beasty group departs

The beasty group departs just after noon on Friday. Betty has prepared her Suburban with new brakes, tires and a fresh detail. We are traveling in style! Add a couple roof top carriers for the riding gear and we will have room for 2 people to sleep in comfort for our non-stop drive. Betty chooses the late night driving spot and warns us she sings to stay awake. What a repertoire by a good voice.

Special thanks go out to our friend Fogger for the use of his 10x7 trailer with new bearings and tires. Craig’s planning on bike layout worked perfectly. We screwed in a few 2x4’s to keep the wheels from jumping. No adjustments were necessary for the next 1500 miles to Craig’s brother house in Brownsville Texas.

Peter and Betty’s bikes had not been ridden for awhile and needed shaking down before the trip. Linda’s new to her 2007 DR650 was mostly untested and needing new mods for Mexico. Our warm late fall weather allowed for some late ride testing.

Charlie hypes this trip as a pavement ride. Craig and Linda persuade Betty to leave her beloved BMW f800st and ride her DR650 that she has little experience on. There are carb issues. It makes a trip to not one, but two mechanics before departure and we think the problems might be solved. But it’s cold now so there is no certainty. Stay tuned, the story doesn’t end here.

The presidential election would be held while we were in Mexico. Peter cast his early vote by motorcycle and came out to find his front brake completely locked up the day before departure. His already crazy pre-trip mode turns into insanity. Pucks were cleaned, master cylinder holes cleared and a new brake line is ordered to be waiting for us in Brownsville via UPS. Panic ensues when UPS does not follow delivery instructions, but they would be happy to deliver on Monday. There are times when it pays to get bitchy! The delivery happens on Saturday and is there when we arrive.

It’s 27 hours for us. The beast stops once to eat, and once for last minute goodies at a sporting goods store in Texas. We are getting about 10mpg with the cargo carries, the heavy steel gate, and heavy right feet. The new brakes are a welcome addition while trying to stop all the weight we have behind us.

Charlie is the designated spot carrier to ease the fears of those we leave behind at home. We track their progress down to Pharr on my I-phone. Technology has come a long way, and we take full use of it on this trip. Speaking of Charlie, he is famous. There are even bumper stickers that say so. First seen bouncing around the copper canyon, they have long been out of print. WWCP? Or “What would Charlie Pay?”. He is truly famous for his frugality. It only makes sense he negotiates our room rates!

On Sunday, we expect long lines at the border to import our bikes and ourselves. We ride unimpeded to the bridge, tomorrow will be a different story. There are no lines. None. Yipee! It is discovered that Peter’s Spanish is quite good, and Betty’s recent Spanish classes will certainly get us by. We clear without a hitch and return to the states to await tomorrow. Betty and Peter celebrate on the bridge back. Note the new brake line on Peter’s bike!

Charlie helped Craig set up his GPS for intended motel waypoints that we were going to meet at in Mante on Monday before we leave Minnesota. We’ve received emails from Charlie and Dean confirming everyone is cleared and ready to cross the boarder at 8am from two locations. Mante is the declared meeting point for the groups. We will total 10.

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