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Originally Posted by Jim Moore View Post
That's actually a great question. I used to tell my students that you can get through the vast majority of your motorcycling life by doing exactly what you describe. You sorta look where you want to go, you sorta lean over, and you complete a lazy arcing turn that generally gets you where you want to go. You may never need to do anything else. Unfortunately that technnique doesn't work when you need to turn the notorcycle RIGHT NOW. If you're never actively thought about countersteering you will not be able to suddenly invent that skill. That's why you should actively think about how you turn the motorcycle. I ask myself three questions. Where am I looking? What am I doing with the handlebars? What am I doing with the throttle?
Yup. You can half-ass a lot of things in life and still "get through" them OK.

I rode many things for many years before I ever took a BRC. It's easy to pick up bad habits if you don't learn good habits from the start, then practice them regularly. Even then, it's good to have a coach watch your technique occasionally.

Read, take a course from time to time, and practice what you learn. CONCIOUSLY counter-steering made me a lot quicker to react when swerving. Riding dirt has made me a lot more comfortable with throwing a bike around when traction is variable too. There is always room for improvement too.
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