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Originally Posted by BobbySands View Post
This was the decision of 25 state Supreme Courts, not me. I.e, people smarter than you, likely smarter than the both of us. Stop making this an ad hominem attack. (look it up)

Apology accepted.

Why do you insist on ignoring that fact that wearing a helmet is the easiest way to mitigate these risks? Maybe because it isn't. Paying attention, Not riding impaired by drugs, alcohol, anger, lack of sleep... Is!

point 1.
Riding a motorbike is more dangerous than driving a car. No And does cost the non-motorbike riding public more money. No

\Blah blah blah
point 2.
Insisting that motorbike riders wear helmets is not, as 25 State Supreme Courts (read: NOT ME) have found, a overly burdensome act to the rights of civil society.
And here I thought that Marxists could count. They are more stupid than I previously thought.

Oh wait... That's right, their chief thinks there are 57 states.
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