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Originally Posted by JRWooden View Post
On some other bikes folks have beefed up wiring from the R/R to the battery (not from stator to R/R)...
maybe that is what you are thinking of?

We discussed that some pages back....

On the 3-wires coming from the stator....Joel has one or more bikes in test that have a resistor added to each stator lead of about 0.1 - 0.2 ohm (IIRC), the idea being to limit the max current from the stator windings thus keeping them from getting quite as hot, and also reducing maximum output of the stator by some amount ... 25W - 50W reduction (again from memory). He did this by soldering a short length of nichrome wire into each lead ...

I don't think he's talked about the results of that experiment....
The Compufire series R/R came w/nice 10ga pos and neg wires. I'm taking those babies right to the batt posts w/a waterproof 30amp fuse.

It's what Joel said about resistance [being a good thing] that has me nervous about the 3 AC stator wires.

The stator I had rewound from CUSTOM REWIND has 14 AWG wires coming off the windings and there is enough length to make it all the way to the R/R.

The 3 AC wires that run through the stock harness looks like they are 16 AWG, witch is one size down from the stator wires. And there is a tap on one of the phases that trips the headlight relay.

My logic says bigger, shorter, and less connections = less resistance= better.

Obviously Joel know this stuff better than me, but I'm wondering if what Joel was saying only relates to a shunt style R/R.

Maybe w/the series style R/R, bigger is better. I'm hoping some of you folks know this stuff enough to advise me so I can move forward w/some kinda confidence.

Also I noticed Joel is no longer posting. Has he left the ADV community?
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