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Originally Posted by jdrocks View Post
FASTWAY...i have them on both bikes....just make sure that the insert fits your footrest pin diameter....
It doesn't - stock Versys is 12mm, while stock DR is 10mm. So, options are to drill out the 'pegs and go 12mm, or shim the V's footpeg mount to stay 10mm. Or - do what I've done: on my '09 I decided I'd give it a try with a 3/8 x 2" bolt standing in for the 10mm, tighten it up and see what might happen. Nothing loosened or rattled (and that's with "Speedy's" peg-lowering-kit in both), so I left the 'snugged' 3/8 bolt in, and decided to do the same with my NEW () DR 'pegs for the '08.

(Guess this is what happens when you 'gargle' with fine, old 101 corn likker...! )

Happy 2013 from sunny AZ!
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