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AH, you've struck a nerve again. I am reminded by your story of the TT rider turned mentor of a similar tale. A young baseball player makes it to the big leagues when just 19. But his career doesn't go as he'd hoped. He gets traded from club to club and by the end of his career he's played a lot in the minors and only 132 games in the majors. Baseball over, he goes back to school and winds up graduating from law school a few years later. Before graduating he discussed his post law school plans with a professor, telling him that he had an offer to manage a minor league baseball team. The prof told him to forget it and grow up because now he was going to be a lawyer. But he decided he liked riding a bus with a minor league team better than he did practicing law, so that's what he did. He never won a world series as a player, but he won 3 as a manager. Tony LaRussa. Stalk those dreams!

PS--IMHO those folks who race the TT, NW 200, etc are either the bravest or the craziest birds on this blue orb.
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